Ösel Ling Mindrolling International

(Formerly Tsogyaling Meditation Center)

Ancient Practices for Contemporary Lives

Ösel Ling is a small, community-based Buddhist meditation center, formerly known as Tsogyaling Meditation Center. The center is often described as a peaceful, safe and compassionate place to come and explore the ancient practices of mindfulness meditation. Located at 1814 Dempster Street, meditation classes are held in the beautiful, newly-renovated Heartwood center just next door. Parking is also available, next to Ösel Ling, in the newly acquired parking lot.

Buddhism Without Borders

As Buddhism continues to be redefined in the West, we offer a spacious non-sectarian view. We welcome students of all faiths, philosophies and cultures and celebrate the diversity of our students and teachers by offering classes in:

  • Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Teachings and Practices
  • Secular Mindfulness Meditation
  • Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Aspects of Meditation

We are committed to offering the teachings of women and men equally and keeping the costs of our programs affordable. Whether working with the ancient practices of Tibetan Buddhism or the contemporary secular mindfulness techniques, we keep the focus on how to practically apply meditation to our lives here in the West. We come together as “sangha” or community, to manifest peace in our own minds and hearts and on our planet. In our engaged Buddhism projects, we take meditation off the cushion and into our local and international communities through our ongoing work for global peace.

For more information, contact Julie Heegaard at 847.491.1122 x15 or eventdirector@heartwoodcenter.com.

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